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With more than 25 years of experience, Delopoulos S.A., is the leading Greek manufacturer of
automotive products in the fields of AdBlue®, Antifreeze, Screenwash and Brake Fluid, and
of industrial products in the fields of AUS40 and Caustic Soda Solution.

Implementing the highest quality standards, verified by official certifications, and collaborating with
top quality supply partners, Delopoulos S.A., has managed to gain the trust of the leading national
and international petroleum companies, and perform as a top private labelling manufacturer.

We create products. We inspire brands.


Investing, throughout the years, in modern industrial facilities and state of the art production equipment,
Delopoulos S.A., possesses 3 production units of total size 11.000 m2, that enable fast and reliable deliveries.

Our newest factory is dedicated to the manufacturing of AdBlue® and AUS40, ensuring top production capability. 

Looking into the future, Delopoulos S.A., utilizes the latest technology in packaging solutions, in order to create
ecologically and aesthetically sound final products.


AdBlue ®


Delopoulos S.A. is a VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie / German Automotive Industry Association) audited licensee since 2017. Only officially approved manufacturers can market diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) under the AdBlue® name. This innovative product is synonymous with consistent high quality.

Our production and storage processes comply with ISO 22241 prerequisites. Every production batch is fully tested in order to meet ISO 22241 requirements, that guarantee high purity and uniform quality. Delopoulos S.A. is ISO certified on quality and environmental management systems to ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 14001: 2015 standards.

Packaging from 10 to 22.000 Lt

We offer AdBlue® at a variety of useful packages:

  • 10L can with double cap and pourer for easy discharge
  • 20L and 200 Lt as economy packs
  • 1.000L in IBCs
  • 22.000L in flexitank for bulk customers

AdBlue® = registered trademark of the VDA (German Automotive Industry Association).

Antifreeze products


Delopoulos S.A, is present in the antifreeze market for more than 25 years. Being an official partner of SOLVENTIS – Belgium, we offer a wide range of top quality concentrated and ready-to-use products, that meet most national and car manufacturer specifications.

With a tanking capacity that exceeds 2.000 m3, we are able to offer competitive prices, even in periods of high pricing.

Product Range

The following SOLVENTIS antifreeze types are always in stock in our facilities:

C2230: Traditional ethylene glycol-based coolant concentrate formulated for use in all engines, including those made of aluminium alloys.

C2053: Long Life engine coolant concentrate based on monoethylene glycol and organic additives, suitable for petrol or diesel engines.

C2270: Ethylene glycol-based engine coolant concentrate formulated for optimal performance in both light and heavy-duty engine applications. The inhibitors used in C2270 include organic acids in combination with borate and silicate (so-called Hybrid) which are known to provide excellent protection in all applications. C2270 is free from nitrites, amines and phosphates (NAP free).

All types of antifreeze are offered at the desired dilution ratio from 33% to 100%, providing full anticorrosion and freezing protection from -70 to -18oC.

Screenwash products


Delopoulos S.A. specializes in manufacturing screenwash variants, especially in eco-friendly flexible packages.

Screenwash is the only automotive chemical that is consumed (instead of being replaced periodically). The adoption of a packaging system that uses less plastic is crucial for the environment. The extra benefit of being fully recyclable, provides a full environmental and sustainable solution.

Product range

Winter Screenwash: Methanol-free formulation with anti frost protection up to -25oC.

Summer Screenwash: Effective cleaning formulation, against all types of dirt with insect removing properties.

Brake Fluid

Delopoulos S.A. repacks high quality brake fluid.

Being an official partner with SOLVENTIS – Belgium, we offer a useful range of brake fluid from economical DOT4 to DOT 5.1.

Industrial Products

AUS40 (40% Marine Urea Solution)


Our AUS40 production and storage processes comply with ISO 18611 prerequisites. We guarantee consistent quality by using premium grade raw materials and fully testing every production batch as per ISO 18611 requirements to ensure optimum performance of the vessels’ SCR system.

We systematically service all major European ports.



Delopoulos S.A. produces this essential industrial commodity according to the highest quality and safety standards.

This colourless, odourless, and free of sediments solution is key to the Metal, Chemical, Food, Water Treatment, Pulp and Paper and Textile Industries and we ensure optimum production and supply to cater for your bulk needs.

Our experience as well as our valuable supply partners guarantee:

the highest
certified quality

ecological and
sustainable packaging


Private labelling solutions

Delopoulos S.A. supports private labelling solutions in all product categories:





Brake Fluid




Brake Fluid




Brake fluid


Delopoulos S.A., is proud to inspire and produce on behalf of iconic local and international brands


Let’s create something amazing together. Contact us with your enquiry and we’ll be happy to propose the best solutions for you.